About Us

'Ripples - Center for Enhanced Learning' is a place devoted to the transformation and growth of an individual beyond set barriers. It caters to the needs of the 'Learning Community'- students, teachers and parents. It challenges and addresses conventional ways of looking at 'Learning'. All our programmes assist and guide individuals towards discovering new dimensions of learning. Ripples' team was one of the top 11 teams selected at all India level for Indian School of Business' (ISB) 5th idiya Challenge-Social Venture Competition. They were part of one week bootcamp at ISB's Hyderabad campus.

We Aspire

"The universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation"-Vartan Gregorian.
We at Ripples aspire to assist and guide individuals towards discovering new dimensions of learning.

  • We intend to, in all that we do, reach out and transform lives for better. The thought is to provide a world class center for diverse needs of students, teachers and parents. It focuses on setting up the benchmark for providing quality education in the field of dyslexia.
  • Ripples, intends to guide individuals towards identifying, acknowledging, and nurturing their inherent potentials. The transformation, thus achieved will evolve their potential to next higher level.
  • Ripples, also aspires to motivate and encourage individuals to challenge their skills and talents and continuously raise the bar to uncover and discover the better ‘self’.
  • Ripples, also aims to provide the platform for likeminded individuals to get together and create a network so as to synergize their resources for the greater good of those people, who face discrimination and limited opportunities because of their learning difficulties.

The Inception

Like a tiny seed which turns into a magnificent tree, the conception of ‘Ripples’ started, in 2001 with the humble beginnings from the drawing room of a home in the city of Hyderabad. Weekend and after-school phonics classes for students with learning difficulties were conducted on a regular basis. The immense improvement in the performance of these students plus the growing demand for professional help, led to the idea for the creation of a platform, which could cater to this persistent need. Ripples-Center for Enhanced Learning was the outcome of this idea and formally came into existence in the year 2011.

The growth and reach of ripples has been slow and steady. Over a period of time it has transformed and evolved into a place that is unique and dynamic in itself. It now aspires to create and spread its ripples far and wide. It hopes to make a meaningful difference to the lives of the individuals it will touch, who will in turn continue this chain of ‘Aspire, Transform, and Evolve’.