Academic Consulting academic-consulting

As learning is a never-ending process, keeping in tune with new and innovative ways of ‘Learning’ will help us upgrade our teaching methodologies and learning styles. We provide consulting to both schools & students.
  • We provide professional guidance to plan and conceptualize learning spaces that nurture and optimize both teaching and learning experience in the school.
    • Resource Room
    • Pre-primary & Primary Enrichment Room
    • Language Arts Room
    • Value Education Room
    • Life Skills Room etc
We at ripples, ensure that children are not passive takers of knowledge but active and dynamic co-creators of learning.

  • Academic programmes for students:
    • Enrichment programmes to refine and enhance various academic skills
    • Intervention programmes to strengthen and consolidate various underdeveloped academic skills
      (reading, writing, spelling, listening, speaking, mathematic and thinking skills)
    • Cognitive Enhancement Training (COGENT) is designed for children between 4 to 7 years of age.It helps to enhance cognitive ability, phonological awareness, and language.It benefits children 'at risk' of developing dyslexia and other learning difficulties.It provides an alternative route towards the development of reading and associated academic skills.
    • PASS Reading Enhancement Program (PREP) aims at improving the information-processing strategies that underlie reading. It is based on the PASS theory of Intelligence.It is a remedial program for primary school children who experience difficulties in reading, spelling and comprehension.
    • Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) builds critical thinking skills by strengthening the associated core cognitive functions. it was developed at ICELP - The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential, Israel. Based on the mediation of increasingly complex paper and pencil, visually-stimulating "instruments", FIE has been successfully implemented for over 50 years and documented by thousands of scientific research studies with diverse populations. FIE has been translated into 28 languages and is used in over 80 countries worldwide.
    • SEARCH & TEACH© from NILD (National Institute for Learning Development), USA. is designed to identify children vulnerable to learning problems and to provide a clear profile of strengths and weaknesses in neuropsychological skills basic to learning to read, write, and spell. It provides a structure to guide intervention before children have experienced learning failure.