Triumph Despite Dyslexia

"It is the common error of builders and parents to follow some plan they think beautiful (and perhaps is so) without considering that nothing is beautiful that is misplaced."- Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Following are the examples of several people who had courage, determination, single minded focus and unshakable faith in themselves to be icons and leaders in their chosen field despite ‘society’ having different plans and predictions for them.

It is but natural for any Indian eye to scan and look out for Indian or Asian names in the illustrious list of people who triumphed despite dyslexia. But unfortunately you will only find one Indian name i.e Abhishek Bachchan. Lack of awareness, sub-standard professional help to combat dyslexia and most importantly lack of support system in general makes it taboo for so many Indian dyslexics to come out openly and share their anguish or success stories. If you are or know anybody who is an Indian and doing well for himself despite dyslexia, please let us know! We will be glad to share your/his/her success story with other Indians who will always do with a successful role model.